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Quarter Century of Experience

As Meha Fire Door, we produce certified fire doors based on your safety. By offering single-leaf, double-leaf and fire doors with various features to our customers, we offer solutions suitable for all kinds of needs.

Since 1998, our company has a deep-rooted history and is recognized for its experience and expertise in the security sector. Our factory operates in a large area of 3000 square meters in Konya Büsan Industrial Zone. In this area, we produce high quality fire doors in our facility equipped with modern production equipment and technological innovations.

We always see customer satisfaction as our priority. Together with our professional teammates, we strive to provide customized solutions to suit the needs of our customers. We work with determination to provide a safe living environment by prioritizing quality and reliability at every stage of our products.

As Meha Fire Door, we continue to gain the trust of our customers and business partners with our products that comply with safety standards. We know the importance of safety for you and with this awareness, we continue to offer the best quality.

Our Vision

As Meha Fire Door, we aim to be a pioneer for the safety of the future and to be in a leading position in the sector by offering innovative solutions. We want to be recognized as a reliable brand by constantly developing innovative approaches to maximize the safety of our customers.

Our Mission

As Meha Fire Doors, our mission is to work to ensure and protect the safety of our customers by providing them with high quality, reliable and affordable fire doors. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, we strive to continuously improve and grow by adopting the best practices in the industry. At the same time, we strive to increase the motivation of our employees and provide them with opportunities to achieve success together.

Our Roots and the Beginning

As Meha Fire Door, our roots go back many years in the iron casting and sheet metal processing industry. The foundations of the company were laid in order to meet the needs in the iron industry.

Growth and Development

Over time, Meha Fire Door has grown by expanding its product range and increasing its production capacity. We are constantly improving ourselves to provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Innovation and Quality

Our company stands out in the sector with the importance it attaches to innovation and quality. We offer reliable solutions to our customers by using the latest technologies in our products and continuously raising quality standards.

Future Goals

Today, as Meha Fire Door, we are working with determination to raise the safety standards and provide the best service to our customers in the future. By always prioritizing customer satisfaction, we will continue to strive for a safe future.

As Meha Fire Door, we are committed to keeping customer satisfaction and safety at the highest level. In this direction, we strictly adhere to the following principles:

Compliance with Quality Standards: We work meticulously to meet international quality standards and regulations in our products. Our products, which undergo quality control at every stage, are recognized for their reliability and durability.

Customer Satisfaction: We strive to understand our customers' needs and meet their expectations. By offering customized solutions for each customer, we aim to establish long-term business relationships and ensure customer satisfaction.

Respect for the Environment: We use environmentally friendly materials to minimize the environmental impact of our production processes and take responsibility for waste management. Acting with the principle of sustainability, we contribute to the protection of natural resources.

Continuous Improvement: We continuously review our business processes and products and evaluate opportunities for improvement. By investing in the training and development of our personnel, we aim to continuously improve.

Occupational Health and Safety: We take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our employees and business partners and are committed to strict compliance with occupational health and safety standards.

As Meha Fire Door, by adhering to these policy principles, we aim to provide reliable and quality products to our customers and contribute to a safe future.

Meha Yangın Kapısı
Fire Resistance:

Longevity and Durability:Products are made of fire-resistant materials and provide a certain fire resistance period.

Meha Yangın Kapısı
Certifications and Approvals:

The products have been tested in accordance with international standards and has been certified. It ensures full compliance with fire safety standards.

Meha Yangın Kapısı
Durable Construction:

It has a sturdy construction made of high-quality steel or other fire-resistant materials.

Meha Yangın Kapısı
Easy Installation and Maintenance:

The products are easy to install and do not require regular maintenance. Detailed instructions and support on the installation process are provided.

Meha Yangın Kapısı
Aesthetic Design:

In addition to functionality, it also has an aesthetically attractive design. Different color and pattern options are available.

Meha Yangın Kapısı
Various Size and Model Options:

Available in different sizes and models, the products adapt to different building and construction requirements.

Meha Yangın Kapısı
Fast and Secure Access:

Provides quick and safe access for emergencies. It can be opened and closed easily and offers a user-friendly experience.

Meha Yangın Kapısı
Longevity and Durability:

Products made of high quality materials are long-lasting and durable. It provides security for many years.

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